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How to setup HP wireless printers?

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If you are the first-time Download and Install HP Printer Driver, you need a guide that can help you throughout the process. So, here we are offering the best guide to setup the Hp wireless printer on your computing device. Follow the steps and install it without any failure.

For wireless HP printer:

To install an HP wireless printer, the network plays the major. So, make sure the strength of the network is high.

  1. First turn on your printer, router or network device and your computing device

  2. Now, remove all the cable connections such as Ethernet cable or USB cable.

  3. Make sure that computer and printer are sharing the same network

  4. Open the HP control panel and then open the setup, network or the wireless menu.

  5. Go to the Wireless Setup Wizard and enter the below-given details:

  • System name (SSID)

  • Next, you need to provide the SSID and password (WEP key or WPS passphrase)

  • Now Connect your computer to the wireless network

  • Make sure that your computer and printer are as close as possible for a better network strength

6. Turn on your printer, router, and computer at the same time.

  • It is necessary that your printer and computer are connected to the SSID network simultaneously

  • Open the Control panel and go to the Setup, network or wireless menu.

  • Once the Wireless setup wizard is open, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the printer and network.

Few useful Installation tips:

  • It is important to have the right set of drivers installed for the printer on your computing device. So, first, remove the incompatible drivers and now, get the correct drivers from the manufacturer’s website

  • Do not USB cable to the printer, without installing the right set of the driver as it can hamper installation.

  • To remove the HP Printer Offline error, you can restart the printer and computer. This will help, in all scenarios of error

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable will help in some cases to fix the errors.

  • When USB cable connection is not working, you can connect the printer to a different USB port

If you are consistently failing to complete the HP printer setup or wireless printer installation process, you can explore the official website of HP and get the related help from the posted articles. Furthermore, you can reach a helping hand get technical assistance from HP experts if you post your query in HP communities.

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