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Why Has My Printer Stopped Working Wirelessly?

If your printer stopped working wirelessly, there could be multiple factors behind that. Well, you can resolve that pretty easily, and here are the steps you need to take to resolve printer error.

Steps to resolve wireless printer error:

Follow these steps when your printer was working fine before and suddenly stopped working.

  • First, you have to try to restart the computer, printer, and router to reset everything.

  • Now, you have to make sure that your printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

  • Now, you have to check if there is something changed on your computer recently and that is causing the problem on your computer.

  • You also have to check if there was anything changed on the wireless router. Make sure the settings on the wireless router are the same as on the printer and computer.

  • You have to make sure that your printer is not connected to a VPN, and you also have to check if the IP address of your printer is changed or not.

If your printer has never worked on that router, then you have to change the settings and make sure that every device is on the same page. The printer software also needed to be installed on your computer to run things smoothly.

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