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Why Is My Hp Officejet 4500 Not Printing?

HP Officejet 4500 is the most successful printer from HP. Yet, printer error code, wireless printer problems occur from time to time. However, if your printer is not printing the documents, see the underneath section to fix the issue.

  • First, check both sides of the power cable and the printer's USB cable, make sure they are plugged in properly.

  • Now plug the power cable into the power outlet instead of a backup battery.

  • Then plug the USB cable into the device and not a USB port.

  • Check the Officejet 4500’s power light to see if it is blinking. In case, you have installed a new cartridge recently, wait for the light to stop blinking. It will take time to prepare the new cartridge.

  • Unplug the power cord, open the printer's covers and remove the paper trays if the power light stays to blink. Pull out any pieces of paper from the printer and slightly turn the cartridge carriage to the left and right sides of the printer.

  • Use any software application to send the print request to ensure that Officejet 4500 is set as the default printer. Hit the "File" menu from the window, then click "Print" and ensure that Officejet 4500 is picked in the pull-down menu. Now select the printer from the, in case, it is not the default, click the "Print" button to try printing again.

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