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How Do I Contact HP Customer Care?

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HP offers unmatched services in the IT field. The brand has maintained its consistency for years and thus a database of million international clients. What makes HP so reliable? It is their customer support services. You contact the HP Customer care team, even when you have a minor issue. Here below are the ways using which you can Talk To A Real Person At HP in no time.

First, go to the official HP website and scroll down to reach the support links at the bottom. The list has something for everyone.; here we also have provided the useful links to get in touch with HP team:

Download drivers; To install or re-install the HP drivers for different products like desktop, printer scanner or laptop, you can use this link and get help.

HP Live chat: Get instant support from a virtual HP agent and let it help you with your issue. Just type the keyword or the issue and start a conversation with the robotic techie of HP.

HP Community: HP communities enable you to get in touch with HP experts and other users of HP that can give you a helping hand. All you need is to post your problem and you will receive various replies from users as well as the HP team.

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