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How to Convert a USB Printer to Wireless?

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HP printers are the most common devices we are using today and they come in both wired and wireless mode. Modern-day printers are preferred to be wireless by most of the users.

But earlier in the day one or two printers only had the wireless capability. So, if you have a USB printer and you want to convert it to wireless, here is how you can do it.

There is this thing called a wireless print server that will help you convert USB printer to wifi. The wireless print server is a small device that takes wired input and converts that to wireless.

You have to purchase such a device from your nearest retailer and connect it with your Printer USB cable. Now, you have to change the wireless settings on the computer and that will allow you to give wireless commands to your printer via computer and mobile devices.

If your printer is really old and there are many problems with it such as printer alignment and offline error. Then, you are better off by purchasing a newer model of HP printers to replace the old one. Because the old printer is not worth spending a few extra bucks.

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